How we help

Depending on your needs, we can work anywhere along the product spectrum -  from helping you define a glint in your eye all the way to re-vamping the interactions of existing software.

“We were wowed by brilliant’s strategic approach and their wealth of experience and technical skill.
They came up with a fantastic data- backed roadmap for future development.”
Hilary Brownlie, Head of Service Design & Innovation, Registers of Scotland

Draft blueprints

The beginning of the voyage is incredibly exciting.

And hectic.

You’ve come up with a great idea, and you’ve got the tech chops to make it happen.

But communicating that vision to investors and early customer partners - and getting the right kind of feedback to take you in the direction of product/market fit -- may be a little out of your comfort zone. 

We can help you articulate your vision, validate it with customers to make sure it’s landing, and draw out a compelling customer journey that gets everyone on board and moving in the same direction.

Lay foundations

Need a first pass at designing your software to sell to investors and early customers? We’ll help you figure out what’s important to build first, then lay out the structure and experience.

Customers these days expect any software they interact with to be as intuitive and beautiful as what they experience from much more established companies-- fair or not -- but with a little help you can look a lot further along than you really are.

Renovate and extend

If you’ve been operating for a while and would like to optimise your offerings, we can perform a holistic review of all your customer touchpoints to find issues that could be putting your reputation and revenue at risk.

Once we’ve identified any shortcomings, we’ll help you fix them. That could include anything from just a few simple, yet strategic pieces all the way up to a full software overhaul and new marketing website.

“Mirren was a pleasure to work with -- passionate, engaging, and willing to help wherever possible. Her architectural background was very helpful, as she easily found our target audience’s concerns then proposed intelligent, thoughtful, and intuitive design options.”
George Matos, Product Owner for Bunsen, Foundry

Measure twice, cut once

You are what you measure. Our ‘insight unit’ can help you figure out what your KPIs should be, then put into place ways of understanding whether you’re hitting those targets and figuring out how to get there.

Move in

Are you ready to hire permanent design staff but aren’t sure how? If you aren’t a designer, it can be tough to evaluate specialist skills. We can provide an interim design director to set strategy, find you great people, and stay on to mentor your new designers for as long as you need.