Case studies

Transforming Enian’s User Experience

Client profile

Company: Enian Ltd
Clients: Phillip Bruner, CEO; Áron Kazay, VP of Product
Market: SaaS for renewable energy development
Enian’s flagship platform is the first enterprise SaaS solution that provides all of the management tools renewable energy professionals need in a single, easy-to-use interface. Before the product went to first release, Enian was using an early design to validate their ideas. Although potential customers in the renewable energy market were interested in the value proposition, they struggled to understand the software. When CEO Phillip Bruner first engaged with us, his goals were to accelerate the engineering and deliver a positive user experience.

Design transformation: reaching internal product clarity

Renewable energy professionals rely on documentation at every stage of the development process. Having discussed Enian’s product strategy, we knew that clear access to documentation was the highest priority for their users. However, the journey wasn’t as intuitive as it could be. After review, we made the recommendation to redesign the product.
“Initially, we drew up a limited scope of what we wanted to achieve with the outstanding list of features. Instead, what we got was a significant improvement to the overall product. The original concept we had was built around document storage and Mirren was very good at making that more flexible. It was a lot more than we were expecting and it’s paid dividends.
Áron Kazay, VP of Product
To transform Enian’s project management user interface, we began by mapping out the interactions, redesigning the visual hierarchy and reorganising how documents link to the project schedule. For each stage, we were in continuous dialogue with Áron to clarify exactly how the product should work.
As we built the design prototypes, we worked closely with Phillip to turn them into marketing videos and key messages for his client meetings. This new internal product clarity led to redesigning the company website, so we pitched in to transform the user experience there too. We created a new information architecture for the website, redesigned the visual look and style templates, and wrote fresh copy for the product pages.

Results: achieving product/market fit

The new marketing website explained Enian’s expertise much more clearly and saw immediate results. Weekly demo requests began to roll in as soon as it went live, confirming that the benefits of Enian’s project management platform were more legible to the market. And as Phillip describes, the response in his client discussions flipped a full 180 degrees. “With our early designs, we didn’t have product/market fit. What we have now as a demo is getting clients excited. They’ve gone from not really understanding what the product could offer to saying things like, this is fantastic, what does it cost and when can we have it? And our engineers love working with Mirren because she’s got a good balance of the technical and customer experience.”
While building new screens for the designs, we collated a component library showing fonts and colour schemes for the product to guide the engineering team. We have further supported this release by preparing diagrammatic user journeys and a gap analysis for the development work. Enian’s team now has confidence in the development path to bring the product to market in Spring 2021. And we’re staying on with Enian to lead the user testing with customers.