About us

Brilliant Product/ Design is a London-based product strategy and UX design agency run by former architect and industry veteran digital designer Mirren Fischer.

With a hand-picked team of highly specialised partners, we focus on helping young companies get new digital products off the ground -- with a particular emphasis on tech for sustainable development.

How we work

We’re good at making the complex seem simple.

We like to learn fast, rather than wait for perfection. (Though we'll do our best to give you great quality the first time round anyway.)

We don’t shy away from (tactfully) giving you the full benefit of our experience, even if it’s hard to hear.

And, we’ve been told we’re great fun to work with.

We think...

It’s an exciting time to make technology that lightens our footprint on the planet.
From modular housing to renewable energy to novel means of transport, we’re making great strides in transforming our built environment.

But… an amazing back end doesn’t always translate into happy, engaged customers. People want to use things that solve their problems, are easy to figure out, and provide some beauty or joy in their day.

We specialise in helping software start-ups match their brilliance in sustainable development technology with equally brilliant digital product strategy and design.

Whether you’re at the start of the journey or you’ve been operating for a while and are ready to make a step-change up, we can help you set a compelling vision, then ensure that your customers and investors are happy at every step from initial marketing all the way to recommending you to others.

If you’re looking to make a difference to the planet and want to hear how our approach could help your business, get in touch and let's continue the conversation.

An invaluable external voice

Mirren has more than 20 years of design experience, in digital and physical space. Known for her passionate, yet thoughtful input, she’s worked in virtually every sector imaginable, but retains a special interest in building design and construction.

Depending on the scope and remit of the project, Mirren can bring in highly specialised professionals who excel in Writing, Data Science, and Research.